Storm Solutions®: Storm protection for windows

Our products include hurricane shutters, hurricane screens from Armor Screen, StormWatch, and colonial storm shutter systems.


Armor Screen®

ArmorScreen Website
Armor Screen

The original, patented fabric hurricane protection system provides Miami-Dade approved protection with a transparent screen allowing for vision outside of the home. At 1/10th the weight of rigid products, Armor Screen is accessible, easy to deploy and virtually maintenance free.


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Storm Watch

Reinforced non-porous material combines superior protection with ease of deployment. The patent-pending anchor clips provide four times the strength of grommets and secure without unsightly tracks. StormWatch's innovative UV cover protects systems and possessions from UV damage.

Wayne Dalton® Fabric Shield™

Storm Panels

Economical, easy to store PVC coated fabric panels block wind, rain and debris.

Colonial Shutter Systems

Colonial Shutters

Colonial Shutters provide a permanent solution that is in keeping with many architectural styles found in the Northeast. Reinforced storm bars store behind the shutters, making the systems easy to close and secure.

Aluminum Roll Down Shutters

Aluminum roll down shutters are a convenient option when considering hurricane protection for your home or business.

Transparent Protection Systems

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Transparent Protection Systems

Miami-Dade rated ClearGuard® Hurricane Panels are 100% translucent, Polycarbonate/Lexan material. ValueGuard® Hurricane Panels are coastal rated and priced to compete with aluminum and steel panels. Opaque design allows 45% translucency.